ip strategy

ip strategy

IP strategy covers the processes and structures that help an organisation utilise its IP assets to drive commercial success by increasing revenues, mitigating commercial risks and supporting their product innovation roadmap.

We believe IP should be considered a core component of business strategy. A successful IP strategy needs to be closely aligned with the business goals of the organisation. As such, it requires input from all business units to ensure that processes are harmonised across the entire organisation. 

To implement an effective IP strategy, we take the time to get to know your organisation, your competitive landscape and your product roadmap. With that knowledge, we help you develop processes in the key pillars of creation, management and activation.

IP governance
Acknowledged experts within the EU’s IPA4SME program, we regularly advise clients on developing IP portfolios including where appropriate the use of Ireland’s range of Research, Development and Innovation (RD&I) supports. Our focus is to support companies in developing an IP strategy that is aligned with business objectives to maximise value. This is another example of how we are continuously #protectingprogress for our clients.
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