designs + trade marks

designs + trade marks

As part of an overall IP strategy, our focus in our relationship with clients is enhancing the value of their company through an understanding of what are the appropriate IP rights for their business. Representing clients directly before the EU IPO, UK IPO and Irish IPO, we tailor solutions appropriate to commercial needs and future strategic goals of our clients. 

HMC-IP are well versed in how the design system may be used to obtain useful protection for our clients IP to protect the aesthetic features of two and three dimensional objects, such as graphical user interfaces, icons, consumer goods and the like.

Your trade mark defines who you are and differentiates your products and services from others. The most successful companies that are based on innovative patented products also have strong and effective trade mark strategies. We help our clients by providing a comprehensive range of design and trade mark services in Europe and around the world.

These design and trade mark solutions are just another example of how we deliver #protectingprogress for our clients.
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