HMC-IP was originally established as a patent boutique and we have proven expertise in prosecution in specialist areas of electronics, telecommunications, software, medical devices, life sciences, consumer technologies and packaging. 

Our expertise has been rewarded by a loyal global client base who, in just over 17 years, have entrusted us with the prosecution of over 8,000 European applications. We directly represent clients before the EPO, the UK IPO and the Irish Patents office, and whilst we specialise in navigating complex cases through the EPO and have a proven record of success at Oppositions and before the EPO Board of Appeal, we have been responsible for the validation of over 15,000 European validations and represented clients in over 4,000 non-European applications.

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HMC believes in continuous improvement, with an in-house program of ongoing professional development and process evolvement for our attorneys and paralegal teams. In addition to qualified Irish, UK and European patent, trademark and design attorneys, members of HMC’s paralegal team have completed the Certificate in Patent Administration of the Chartered Institute of Patent Attorneys. 

Our attorneys’ technical specialisations are a key advantage for our clients and an essential component of how we deliver #protectingprogress for our clients. With participation on European Patent Institute’s ICT and Biotech committees we are continuously informed of, and inform, the direction of these two key technology sectors within a European patent landscape.

With this strength and depth of experience, HMC is identified as a go-to firm for intellectual property in Europe. In 2020 IAM in its Patent 1000 review confirmed that we have been taking over significant portfolios from top European patent firms at an increasing rate. In its 2019 review, IAM outlined why this is so:
"When you work with the people at Hanna Moore + Curley it is just like magic. You give them an original idea, they understand it immediately and get you a high-quality draft with exceptional efficiency. They get straight to the point, which saves time and money, and really take ownership of the matters they handle."
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IAM 1000
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