From our very beginnings we have driven our reputation through expertise in drafting and prosecuting applications in the fields of electronics, software and telecommunications. We have accompanied our clients, large and small, on journeys from start-ups to acquisition by the world’s largest companies.

We regularly succeed at the EPO Boards of Appeal and Opposition Divisions. In statistical analysis of performance of prosecution at the EPO, Hanna Moore + Curley have the 4th best grant rate overall for all applications handled in IPC class H for all European firms. In addition to our technical qualifications and experience, we, and our clients, benefit from insight as to changing practice by our active involvement on the EPPC ICT Thematic Group. Most recently, this has involved co-authoring the EPI Amicus Curiae Brief on G1/19.

Our attorneys have extensive experience in drafting and prosecuting applications in the following sectors: electronics, software, telecoms, image processing, AI, power electronics, UIs, chip design, security, computing, and networks.

We continually invest in training and education for our team of highly qualified and experienced attorneys. Our deep industry knowledge combined with agility and responsiveness enables us to provide a reassuring and consistent service.
Meet our Electronics + Software Experts here.
electronics + software
"This dynamic, agile and innovative team is especially renowned for its output in the high technology field and a thriving presence before the European Patent Office. "
Jane Doe
Hanna Moore + Curley


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