Our guiding principle is RESPECT and this underpins our engagements with patent offices, with our clients and internally as an organisation. This guiding principle reflects our responsibility as people.

Everything that we do has an impact on society around us – it defines our values and behaviour as an organisation.

As a company we embrace the importance of the so-called triple bottom line – the three Ps of people, planet and profit.

As such we are committed to:
Align business objectives with environmental concerns
Identify and address issues of equality, diversity and inclusion amongst our current and future workforce
Ensure that all are treated with dignity and respect
Enhance our fundraising and volunteering activities for third party good causes
We have implemented green policies including supporting use of public transport, use of bicycles, paperless offices, use of recycled materials, and active recycling. 

We are committed to diversity and inclusivity in our firm and in our wider society. We participate actively in organisations that work to promote environments of diversity and inclusion such as ChIPs and IP Inclusive. 

We support a flexible working environment. 

We are aware of our privileged role in our society and try to give back through support of both local and national charities and through various volunteering roles in the areas of mental health, homelessness and equality of access to education.

We do all of this because it is the right thing to do, we see our integrity as people and as a company in doing the right thing when nobody is looking. It defines how we engage in the now, it shapes how we embrace #protectingprogress.
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