April 21, 2018

Celebrating The Retirement of Peter Hanna

The firm celebrated the remarkable career of Peter Hanna, founder of Hanna Moore + Curley, this weekend. 

Peter established a solo practice in the year 2000, and three years later invited Barry Moore and Donnacha Curley to join the firm.  During Peter's career, the firm was responsible for over 6000 European Patent applications mostly originating from North America, Canada and Asia.  Peter spearheaded the firm's expansion in the east, and acted as Chief Representative of the firm's Chinese office until his retirement. 

Peter established a paperless, computerised practice and was an early adopter of online filing services for the European Patent Office.  

Peter insisted on high quality work and believed firmly in trusting his staff to accomplish work to the highest standards. He embedded the culture of diligence and reliability which has brought the firm many accolades and an enviable and loyal client base.  His vision and values remain central to the firm's leadership and we take pride in continuing his mission to make Hanna Moore + Curley one of Europe's leading patent firms. 

Hanna Moore + Curley


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